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Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS, is a horrible disease that devastates thousands of people each year. We are dedicated to promoting awareness of ALS and pushing for new research to find a cure for the disease. On our website, we provide updated research, ALS related news, and other public interest stories about patient health and diagnosis. Whether you are living with ALS or just hoping to support the cause, we invite you to join us here in the journey to battle against this devastating disease.

Who Can Smoke E-Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular as people search for healthier alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to smoke electronic cigarettes which range from the desire to be healthy to the desire to enjoy an assortment of cigarette flavors. The main appeal of the electronic cigarette is that it contains no tobacco-based products like the ones found at Because of this, all types of people from the young to the elderly are interested in at least trying this product to see if it is something they would like to use on a continuous basis. One of the main issues that have surfaced about electronic cigarettes is who can exactly smoke them. Because electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco-based products, younger people are interested in trying this type of smoking device. There are many views on this issue and people that want more information on the legality of smoking cigarettes in their particular jurisdiction should do the necessary research.

In general, electronic cigarettes are available to anyone that has the money to purchase them. In most cases, electronic cigarettes are purchased via the Internet making it easy for younger individuals to get a hold of them. While many people equate electronic cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, they are not the same. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco-based products because electronic cigarettes lack these main ingredients that are very detrimental to the health. For this reason, some people wonder why teenagers should not be allowed to purchase electronic cigarettes. They are different arguments as to why electronic cigarettes may not be right for younger individuals.

There are some people that focus on the argument that electronic cigarettes are simply introducing teenagers to the possibility of smoking regular cigarettes. In many ways, electronic cigarettes are considered a stepping stone to the real thing. For this reason, there are many individuals that are totally against teenagers utilizing electronic cigarettes despite the fact that they do not contain harsh chemicals and the tobacco of the traditional cigarettes. The other side argues that electronic cigarettes are actually harmless and teenagers that would like to utilize them they should have the option to do so.

Whether or not teenagers can purchase electronic cigarettes legally depends upon the jurisdiction. There are some places that are a bit more harsh than others when it comes to controlling what teenagers have access to. As with any product, it is important that all individuals, regardless of age, know the pros and cons of utilizing the electronic cigarette.

Cannabis and ALS

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ALS is a horrible disease. More than 30,000 people in the United States are in various stages of ALS and that number has been holding steady for several years. It’s a neurological disorder with degenerative effects. As time passes, a person with ALS loses their ability to move, and eventually their vital muscles become paralyzed, which results in death. Despite their best efforts, the medical community has not been able to come up with a cure. The good news is that it looks like there might be some hope in sight for those currently suffering from ALS. There’s still no cure, but it turns out that Cannabis oil does help.

The interesting thing about using cannabis oil to treat ALS, is that not only does it help with the pain, which is why most people start using it, but some people have reported that they have even regained muscle function after they’ve been on the cannabis for a few days. Many have found the cannabis to be so effective, they’ve stopped taking the opiates prescribed by their doctor. There’s no formal information available regarding which strains of marijuana have generated the best results.

The news that so many people have been able to successfully use cannabis oil to help slow the progression of their ALS symptoms is welcome news both for those currently suffering with this terrible disease and for the medical marijuana supporters. Who knows, it might even be just the key doctors need to help them find out how to cure ALS once and for all. If cannabis continues to be such an effective treatment for so many serious illnesses like ALS, more and more states will have a difficult time justifying not allowing it’s use.

Basic Information about ALS

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ALS first became famous when it was announced that baseball legend, Lou Gehrig, had developed the disease. As is so often the case, news that a celebrity had the illness generated public buzz and helped provide some research funding. Sadly, despite the fact that people are now familiar with the illness, very little is known about ALS.

It’s estimated that more than 50,000 people living in the United States will be diagnosed with ALS each year. At this point, anyone can develop the disease, but its most commonly diagnosed in individuals who are between 40 and 60 years old. If someone in your family history had the illness, there’s an increased chance of you developing ALS and there’s some evidence to support the idea that being exposed to BMAA increases the likelihood of you being diagnosed.

Although doctors know that ALS is a neurological disorder, they have yet to be able to come up with a cure. At this point, the disease is considered terminal, though individuals who get diagnosed in the early stages can do things that seem to slow the deterioration of their central nervous system. Symptoms that could indicate the development of ALS include:

• Muscle weakness

• Excessive muscle cramping

• Slow response time of extremities

• Muscle twitches

• Difficulty with speech

Since the medical community still does not know how to stop ALS, doctors focus on treating each symptom as it develops which does seem to slow the progression. Treatments that have extended the life of patients while also improving their quality of life include:

• Dietary changes

• Speech therapy

• Physical therapy

• Medications

Doctors have found that some medications have effectively slowed the development of ALS symptoms which makes them hopeful that a cure will soon be found.

The ALS Issues We Need To Discuss

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Over the years I have watched as millions of people have taken the ice bucket or the ice water challenge. This is an exercise where a person calls out some friends and asks them to do what they are doing. The person then jumps into ice water or has ice water dumped on them. After this the person is supposed to write a check for a donation to the ALS foundation. All of this seems fine and good and there have been a lot of people that have taken the challenge. The only problem is that most people are not writing the donation that goes along with it. Most of these videos we see are nothing more than people trying to create a viral video. The saddest part of this is that these videos are not original. They are all remakes and copycats of other videos. The real loser here is not the people making the videos but the patients with ALS who are barely holding on to life. That is the worst part of all. So how can we fix this?

I am not sure that there is an adequate way to fix this issue. I would recommend shaming the people but there would be a huge backlash to this because someone somewhere is going to be offended by the statement. In the end it would only serve to hurt the cause and to make me look bad. I think the best way to fight this issue is with action. I am going to pledge that I will give 50 dollars every month to the ALS foundation. I could say or do anything but it is the actions that will speak louder than anything else.

ALS And The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over your head, or even jumping into a lake filled with ice cold water is not the idea of fun that I would have. However this has become the next best idea for activist that are trying to raise money and awareness for a serious illness. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a serious illness that affects your nervous system as well as your muscle system. It has no cure and it will kill you. It is a terrible disease that causes the patient to lose control of their body. They essentially become a prisoner in their own body. The ice bucket challenge is an attempt to raise awareness and to raise money. The challenge works like this; the user is to donate 50 dollars minimum to the ALS foundation and then pour ice water all over their body. Unfortunately that is not what is going on.

It seems that the vast majority of the world has taken this as an excuse to post a video on social media of them acting dumb. For many people it is a chance to strip nearly naked and draw an audience. For others it is just an extension of their already shallow life. As a family that is dealing with ALS, I would like to urge all of the video makers to actually donate the money to the research fund. Instead of just posting the video and trying to raise awareness, how about actually making a difference? The dumb ice bucket challenge videos do nothing to help ALS victims or there families. The next time you see one of those videos lets try and urge the users to actually write a check. After all, where your money is shows us where your heart is.

Raising Money for ALS

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I recently received a letter from one of my neighbors who is trying to raise money for the ALS association. I assume that the reason they are involved in this is because they have people in their lives that have been touched by this horrible disease. Although I thought that I knew a lot about ALS and all of the different ways that people are raising money for research, I was surprised to learn from this letter that there is a lot more that I can do to help.

After thinking about it for only a few minutes, I knew that I needed to talk with my neighbor about this disease and what I could do to help besides just making a donation. I also made sure to let them know that I too have been touched by ALS, though not directly. I have known three people, though not very well, who have passed away as a result of ALS and what it does to your body.

The first person that I met with ALS was perhaps the person that I was closest to and he was a friend of my parents. He was a very smart man and was sharp up until the end. It was hard to see him not be able to control his body, yet his mind was working just as it should. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be for someone who had to deal with this horrific disease. The other two men were more like acquaintances, but that didn’t mean that their deaths were any less sad. We all should be doing all that we can to help find a cure for diseases like ALS that are taking away our loves one long before they should be leaving the earth.

Plan a Fundraiser for ALS

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This past year, there was a lot of fundraising efforts to support the ALS Foundation. The vast majority of the time people spent raising money consisted of dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and then posting the video on social media while calling out friends to do the same. People were supposed to donate money as part of the challenge and the ALS Foundation did raise quite a bit of money through this viral challenge. Now that winter is upon us, people are looking for other ways to raise money and awareness for ALS and that’s why we wanted to throw out a few ideas to help you get started.

First, consider organizing a community 5K event. Runners can enlist sponsors that pledge a donation if they complete the race. This is an excellent way to recruit athletes in your area to come out for a good cause. You can even involve children by allowing kids to walk, run, or even ride bikes through the 5K event. Even a small town can generate a huge turn out and raise thousands of dollars with this fundraising method.

Another option would be to host a “Take and Bake” dinner sale. You will need some volunteers to invest time and money, but it’s well worth it. Basically, you decide on a dish that you can prep ahead of time in disposable pans. Lasagna is a great option! Just assemble the dish and then cover it with foil and tape the baking directions on top. We sell these lasagnas at $20 each and families can pick them up and take them home to bake them for an instant easy dinner. It’s a great way to raise money and provide your community with a good home cooked meal!

New Polls Show that Vapes Surpass Cigalikes in US Market

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I was recently reading a study that was talking about the increased use of electronic cigarettes in the United States. The information was interesting to me simply because I am an avid user of ecigs. But I was very surprised to read that vapes surpass cigalikes in US simply because they are relatively new. I was recently taking part in the ALS ice bucket challenge and I was really excited to be helping out. After all, ALS is a horrible disease and thousands of people are dealing with it every year. In fact my sister was diagnosed last year with ALS. So the ice bucket challenge was a huge thing for me. So after the challenge was done we all headed out to a local diner. While we were there I picked up a magazine and it too was talking about the use of ecigs and how they are growing in popularity. So this had me thinking. Why are ecigs so popular? What are they offering that the tobacco guys are not offering? And finally, is it really a surprise that they are so popular?

Vapes surpass cigalikes in US simply because they are offering 2 things that tobacco will never be able to offer. First, they are offering a ton of flavor. When it comes to cigs there are two options and they include regular and menthol. That is it. However ecigs are offering hundreds of different flavors. This is a huge issue that the tobacco giants will never be able to solve. But there is another option that the ecig offers. It does not kill you. This is a big deal to me. I know that I prefer to not die when using a product. Vapes are ruling right now. So here are why they are so much better. Ecigs have zero tobacco in them. The ecig will never make any smoke. Instead of smoke you are actually seeing water vapor. This is a totally safe alternative to smoking.

I was recently at the doctor’s office with my sister, who has ALS, and I was asking the doctor about the increased use of ecigs. He too was happy to say that the tobacco guys are in a downhill slide. He was not sad to say this either. We all know that tobacco is awful stuff. Vapes surpass cigalikes in US because people are tired of being scared. They are tired of being sick and they are tired of being lied to by the corporations. This is the honest truth and this is why so many people are making the switch. So let me get back to my sister who is battling ALS.

Have You Taken the Ice Bucket Challenge?

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Ice Bucket Challenge

Many of you may remember when people started dumping ice on their heads in an effort to raise money and awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS. While the ice bucket challenges have been slowing down as most people have already taken part, there are still some people that are holding out on the challenge for one reason or another. For some it is simply because they really don’t want to dump a bucket of really cold water on their heads. Others are choosing the alternative to the ice which is to donate money to the cause instead.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of the challenge because people are just doing it so they can make a video of ice being dumped on them or their friends and family. I understand that overall it has been a great thing for raising awareness as well as funds for ALS. But what I fear is that people are not doing it because they really care about the disease and who is being affected by it, but just for fun. Are there really that many people who are doing the challenge and donating as well? I doubt that many people other than celebrities are actually giving money to help those suffering from ALS.

If you have yet to do the challenge for one reason or another, I challenge you to find out all you can about this dreadful disease. It may not affect a large part of the population directly, but to those who live with the reality of ALS on a daily basis, it would mean the world to them. The more we know about the disease, the closer we get to finding a way to stop it from taking our or someone else’s loved ones before their time.

ALS Support: Places that Can Help

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Doctors Support an ALS Patient

While the number of people who suffer from ALS is not large, the effect that it has on patients as well as their family is far reaching. Because the disease is so debilitating and can take over the body pretty quickly, it can very hard for not only patients, but family as well to deal with ALS. Thankfully, there is at least one resource to turn to for help and support. The organization that was created to raise money and awareness about ALS is also a great resource for patients and their families.

The ALS Association has many different chapters around the United States. All of these chapters are there to help families who are dealing first hand with ALS. They offer support groups as well as clinics for those who need help. Some other resources that you will find if you search the ALS Association website include contact information for doctors in your area that specialize in caring for ALS patients.

This organization is great at offering support for families dealing with ALS, but they do so much more for the cause. Since they are the only national nonprofit working for those suffering from ALS, they are also responsible for much of the research that is being done to help find a cure for this disease. Supporting families, raising money for research and fighting for the rights of those with ALS is what the ALS Association is all about. And if that is not enough, they also organize a walk to help raise money that goes towards research and to help families that would not otherwise be able to pay for treatments. Without this support, many ALS patients could not afford needed treatments and related items.

Walk for ALS

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Walk With Me for ALS

This weekend I will be doing something that I have not done in a long time. I think it was about a month ago that I heard from a friend that she was planning on doing the Walk for ALS in our hometown. I had heard of ALS before, but I didn’t really know what it was all about. She wasn’t so sure either, but her mom convinced her to the do the race and it sounded like a great way to get some exercise and help people at the same time so she signed up too. I didn’t really want to make the trip home just to do a walk but since it was for a good cause I told her to sign me as well.

So what do you do when you register for a fundraising walk and know next to nothing about the organization? Well, what I did was jump on the internet and check out their website. I learned a lot about not only the disease, but about what the families of those suffering go through. I was glad to find out that there are many resources listed on the site for the family members who may be having a hard time dealing with everything that comes with ALS. Of course after reading about Lou Gehrig’s disease and how quickly it can change the lives of those affected, I knew that I was doing the right thing by walking to help find a cure and raise awareness. My mission now is to find more people to help join the fight to help cure this dreadful disease.

ALS: What Is It?

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Lou Gherig of the New York Yankees

For many people the term ALS is a rather new term as most people often refer to the disease as Lou Gehrig’s disease. If you are just learning about ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease you may be curious what ALS stands for and what kind of disease it is. Simply put, ALS, or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a neurological disorder that causes muscles to waste away in the body. This neurodegenerative disease works its way quickly through the bodies of those it affects. Many people do not live longer than five years past diagnosis, though life expectancy really does vary from person to person.

In the US alone, more than 5,000 people are diagnosed each year with ALS. The total number of people who are suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease in the United States each year is close to 30,000. This may not seem like a large number when you consider the population of the country, but for those diagnosed with the disease and their families, it is a heartbreaking diagnosis. Though this is a rare disease by many standards, it must also be said that it is the most common motor neuron disease.

Currently there is no cure for ALS but strides are being made to find treatments that will prolong and improve the lives of those affected by Lou Gehrig’s disease. A few ways that some patients are dealing with ALS include medication and therapy such as physical therapy. Of course, these options are only used to make them slightly more comfortable and are more of a band aid than anything. Because many patients lose their ability to speak, a speech therapist may also be of use to help them communicate their needs.

The ALS Reality

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Thankfully, I do not have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to have ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Nor do I know what it is like to live with a family member or close friend who has to face the pain and challenges of the disease. But I have been touched by the disease a few different times and I have personally seen what it is capable of doing to a human being. It is a horrible disease there just is no other way to say it.

Unfortunately, the few people I have known who had ALS have passed away from it. It has been a few years since this has happened, but I remember frequently the last visits I had with each of them. Just thinking of it now breaks my heart and I wish that they were still around to see their kids and grandkids grow up. So what can we do now to make sure that the number of people dying from ALS starts to decline?

The best thing we can do as a society is to educate ourselves and those around us about this disease and the efforts being made to find a cure. While we may not personally be able to stop it from affected our loved ones or even strangers, we can spread the word to everyone we know. Perhaps there is someone out there considering a career in medical research who may one day find a cure for ALS. Sure it may take a long time to find that person or team of people, but we should definitely be starting the search as soon as possible, because the reality is that those suffering from ALS don’t have time to waste.